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The Tara is a river in Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Tara is the tear of Europe, most exciting and & most beautiful river of Europe. It emerges from the confluence of the Opasnica and Veruša Rivers in the Komovi Mountains, part of the Dinaric Alps of Montenegro.

The total length is 146 km, 141 km are in or on the border of Montenegro, while the final 40 km are in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It also forms the border between the two countries in several places.

The Tara River cuts the Tara River Canyon, the deepest canyon in Montenegro and Europe and second deepest in the world, after the deepest Grand Canyon, at 78 kilometers in length and 1,300 meters at its deepest. Because of its pure drinkable water, opulent vegetation and wild life, with great number of endemic species, the canyon is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is a part of Durmitor National Park.

On a rafting scale, Tara takes place at 3-5 and is among the most attractive rivers on the planet. It is a true paradise for all adventurers. It is truly delightful and active vacation which offers you to enjoy in magnificence of rapids, clearings, water-mills, old churches and monastrey’s and bridges. There are breathtaking natural phenomenons that you will see in Tara Canyon.